Building Renovations Campaign Continues for 2014

Dear Friends,

The DSOSN Building Renovation Campaign that began in 2013 is continuing for 2014 for those who wish to make a donation towards improvements for the DSOSN building located at 5300 Vegas Drive in Las Vegas.

In 2013, DSOSN is proud to report that the following improvements were made to the property/building:

  • Painted outside of the entire DSOSN Building – painting labor donated by Jeff Fuller

  • Paint donated by Design Works Custom Painting

  • Heating and AC Repairs donated by Ermerald Aire

  • Wrought iron cage aqt the front entrance of the building- donated by Kirk Sullivan

  • DSOSN Sign at the front of the property

We have come a long way in 2013  and we thank everyone who made it possible.  And, as you can see by our wish list below we still have a ways to go to get the building and property at the appearance, improvement and maintenance level we would like it to be.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Building Renovation Campaign for this year can complete the attached response form below and send to DSOSN.

DSOSN would also like to thank Board Director Joey Calarco for all his efforts in coordinating the Building Renovation Campaign and seeking donations and in-kind gifts for the improvement of the building.  Joey has done a tremendous job and we thank him most sincerely.

DSOSN Board and Staff

2014 Building Renovation Response Form





The following is a preliminary wish list for the DSOSN building located at 5300 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, NV  89108.  The building is approximately 6,100 square feet.  This wish list was based on an assessment of the building and indicates needed repairs, renovations and upgrades in priority order (subject to change).

  • Headquarters      building repairs and upgrades
    • Painting of the inside  of the building
    • Rip out carpeting and replace with flooring that can be cleaned
    • Make Bathroom in the playroom downstairs wheelchair accessible
    • Make other bathrooms handicap accessible
    • Build fire escape off second floor rear patio
    • Re rock front and rear yard
    • Redo sprinklers in the rear yard to stop wetting patio
    • Acid wash first floor back patio
    • Have electrical repairs done to all things not up to code and add some lights
    • Install an elevator or automatic chair up staircase
    • Have AC Tech check out all AC’s and venting for possible upgrades of present units or new Central Air Conditioning       System
    • Repaying of the parking lot/new parking stall lines
    • Add moldings where needed
    • Bring the staircase up to standard
    • New Front Doors/New Garage Door
    • New Stove amp; New Dishwasher
    • Furniture
    • New Shelving in regard to more efficient storage throughout the building
    • Rip out small kitchen and make for more efficient use of space
    • New Blinds Upstairs
    • Other needs that may surface