2014 Speech Therapy Mandatory Meeting – January 30th at 7 pm

2014 Speech Therapy – Mandatory Meeting

– January 30th at 7 pm

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Reminder to those who received Speech Therapy for


The funds you received for 2013 for speech had to of

been used by 12/31/2013. Those funds do not carry

over into the new year.


The 2014 Speech Therapy Program will be underway

shortly.  A “MANDATORY” meeting will be held for

interested participants and Speech Therapists on

Thursday – January 30, 2014 at the DSOSN office

beginning at 7 pm.    Speech funding is acquired

through grants and is limited – so it is imperative that

the meeting on January 30th be “mandatory”  – as the

amount of funds each participant receives will be

based on the availability of funds and then dispersed

through the number of participants.  Those who do not

attendthe meeting will not be eligible for Speech

Therapy until another funding cycle becomes available

in July. Also to receive Speech Therapy funds, you must

be a DSOSN active member, volunteer and participant

in the organization.  Exact details as to the level of

participation required will be explained at the

mandatory meeting.

Program History and Overview

In the spring of 2005, the DSOSN developed and implemented its Speech Therapy Program and began offering speech therapy to its members who are children and young adults affected by Down syndrome. Members who have utilized the program are very appreciative of us being able to offer this much needed service. The current movement within disabilities is self-determination or person-centered planning.  The Speech Therapy Program allows us to help families who have a child or young adult with Down syndrome to make individualized choices that will optimally benefit the individual in their family affected by Down syndrome.  Speech therapy funds are specifically used to help enhance the speech and language skills of Down syndrome individuals and have been a blessing to these families.

Progam Details

The DSOSN Speech Therapy Program is funded through designated grants and generous donors who support the program throughout the year.  Based on the amount of speech funds available each year, the program begins at the start of each calendar year and each family that participates is allowed an equal amount of funding to helps to supplementing the speech therapy costs for their child.

To participate in the Speech Therapy Program, you must be a paid DSOSN member.  Parents have the option of selecting a Speech Therapist of their choice who is registered as a Speech Therapist with DSOSN.  Sessions are normally held weekly based on the needs of the child and the professional recommendation of the selected therapist.  Parents are asked to make a minimum of a $15 co-pay for each session.

New families who join DSOSN throughout the year might be eligible to receive speech therapy for the remainder of the year if funding is available.

Again, a mandatory meeting will be held for parents/therapist who are interested in participating in the program on Thursday – January 30, 2014 at 7 pm at the DSOSN office.

For  information regarding Speech Therapy, please contact the office at 702-648-1990.