2018 Calendar Ads for Sale: Place Your Ad by September 15th

 It’s 2018 DSOSN Calendar time!!!

So, what does that mean to DSOSN members?

Every year we get companies and businesses

of all types and people to place business card size ads

 for donation of $100.00 per ad in the calendar.

Also, Individual Sponsorships

 to Honor, Memorize or Support 

a person are available for a donation of $25.00. 

The ad’s will be seen for 12 months in the DSOSN 2018 calendar

along with all the Beautiful smiles of some of our children!

So this year, we asking all members that have a business 

or businesses of any kind, 

if they would put a business card ad in the calendar for donation of $100.00 per ad. 

For every business card ad you purchase you

will also get FREE a Individual Sponsorship ad .

If you just want to do a Individual Sponsorship

for donation of $25.00 you can also do that.

If you have any questions, please contact

Sara Abraham sara44@embarqmail.com 

or Karen Tiberi  kaytibs@aol.com

You can get the forms from Sara Abraham, 

Karen Tiberi or the DSOSN office.

You need to fill out the form

and attach your business card

 along with a check for $100.00 per ad  or $25 for Individual Ads

made payable to DSOSN/calendar.

And there will be Special Prizes 

(yet to be determined)

for the ones that sell the most

Business Cards Ads and

Individual Ads!!!

 All ads must be turned into 

Sara ,Karen or the DSOSN office 

by SEPTEMBER 15, 2017.

2018 Calendar Sponsorhonor Donation Form