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Billy & Clayton!

We Are Proud Of You!

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On June 6 Clayton Rhodes and Billy Wolfbrandt celebrated their graduation from Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School with Mark 10:14 director and teacher, Lee Segalla. Along with their friend Luke, the boys started at Faith in the sixth grade as part of the inaugural class in the Mark 10:14 Program. Mark 10:14 students participate in a full schedule of general education classes alongside their typical peers, giving them daily opportunities to learn and practice age appropriate skills and social behaviors. They receive a high level of support to ensure their success in this inclusive setting. Students access the general education curriculum to the best of their abilities often using materials that have been created specifically for them. They participate in classroom discussions, labs, skits, and group activities with other students. Peer mentors assist Mark 10:14 students in their general education classrooms and in the Mark 10:14 classroom. When portions of the lesson are ‘beyond their reach’, students come to the Mark 10:14 room for one-on-one instruction in reading, writing and math skills.

Clayton and Billy have been active participants in all aspects of academics and student life at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School. They have participated in football, basketball, wrestling and track teams as well as choir and band.  They have been involved in computer club and art club, and have participated in LipSync, Homecoming, Prom, Middle School Drama, Crusader Competitions, Talent Shows, and Middle School Service Projects.

Clayton will be starting in the PACE program at West Technical Academy and dreams of someday being part of a College program. Billy is looking forward to working and want to “go to college and find a job to be a lawyer” like his dad.

The parents of both boys agree, the last seven years at Faith have been a gift far beyond what they could have ever anticipated for their sons. They are thankful for all those that encouraged them to pursue this special academic program and all those who made it possible.