#DSWORKS™ is an employment campaign developed by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) that is designed to educate the general public about how individuals with Down syndrome are employable individuals and should be included in all aspects of the work force; to encourage corporations and businesses to invest in hiring people with Down syndrome and to increase the number of opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome to work in meaningful and competitive employment settings.

The NDSS #DSWORKS™ employment survey is a critical component of the campaign to gauge the needs of the community. For the survey to be effective, we need widespread participation from the Down syndrome community.

NDSS encourages all adults with Down syndrome (ages 18 and older) to participate in the survey to assess the current employment trends and barriers for individuals with Down syndrome in the US. We urge you to take 10-15 minutes of your time to answer these questions we have carefully prepared in consultation with our NDSS Employment Survey & Community Outreach Task, which consisted of a diverse group of individuals from the Down syndrome community with expertise in the employment arena.
NDSS would love to hear about your job experience! If you have Down syndrome, please fill out our #DSWORKS Survey on Employment.

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