Free Show Tickets Available for DSOSN at the “D”

FREE Show Tickets

Available at the “D”


Defending the Caveman


Adam London LaughterNoon


DSOSN has generously been donated

FREE Show Tickets to

Shows at the “D”

The shows are “Defending the Caveman”

and “Adam London LaughterNoon”

These tickets are expire June 30, 2017.

Tickets are on a firstcome/firstserve basis.

Please call the office to reserve you tickets today.

Defending the Caveman is an evening show at around

8:45 pm.

Adam London LaughterNoon is an afternoon show.

Once you receive your tickets, you will have to call

the D  box office for exact dates and times.

CALL DSOSN to reserve your tickets today.

They are both very funny shows.

Take your family and friends and have a good time!!!