Happy December Birthdays to DSOSN

DSOSN would like to wish

all members having a Birthday

in December a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


We Love You!

Ruby Aguon – December 2nd

Levi Apperson – December 8th

Izabelle Almaraz – December 11th

Maximillano (Max) Gonzalez – December 11th

Mario Gama – December 12th

Jeff Gennuso – December 14th

Luke Lopez – December 18th

Natali Contreras – December 22nd

Clayton Rhodes – December 22nd

Alexandria McAlpin – December 26th

Nova Leyva – December 30th

If we missed anyone, please let us know,

or go to the DSOSN website at

www.dsosn.org and fill out the

online membership application.

There is no charge to be a member

and we would love to have you join us.

Thank You!