Happy October Birthday! – DSOSN

DSOSN would like to wish

all members having a Birthday


We Love You!

JenaMae Prisbey – October 4th

Angeleque Jackman – October 7th

Joseph Petrini – October 9th

Molly Jacobs – October 10th

Antalya Cardon – October 12th

Sarah Novak – October 17th

Jorge Sanchez – October 20th

Taylor Adams – October 26th

Bella Madrigal – October 29th

D’Angelo Lopez – October 30th

Antonia Hassenzahl – October 31st

If we missed anyone, please let us know,

or go to the DSOSN website at

www.dsosn.org and fill out the

online membership application.

There is no charge to be a member

and we would love to have you join us.

Thank You!