Happy September Birthdays DSOSN

DSOSN would like to wish

all members having a Birthday

in September a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We Love You!

Nicole Bird – September 6th

Damien Walker – September 8th

Ana Solano – September 9th

Ashlyn Kocour – September 10th

Aldito Bustos-Burgueno – September 12th

Brody – September 13th

Terrance Heathcoe – September 14th

Lina Donis – September 16th

Billy Klem – September 27th

Said Arcciniega Ibarra – September 30th

If we missed anyone, please let us know.

Or go to the DSOSN website at

www.dsosn.org and fill out the

online membership application.

That is how we know who you are.

There is no charge to be a member

and we would love to have you join us.

Thank You!