RSVP’S Needed by August 11th for OV Dance Class August 16th





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If you have a child age 6 to 17,

do not miss out on the fabulous opportunity for your child.

Opportunity Village last 2014 summer dance class at DSOSN is:

Saturday – August 16, 2014

We MUST have a minimum of 5 participants for this class. 

If we do not have 5 RSVP’s by Monday – August 11th,

the class will be canceled.


Class will begin promptly at 9 am

The class will be taught to stimulate creativity, increase body awareness, create greater muscular strength and tension release, improve balance and posture, and teach children about the benefits of movement and exercise in a fun environment.  Children experiment moving to different rhythms, learning dance combinations and technical moves across the floor, and enjoy interacting with one another during this social dance experience. Children also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and how dance influences the way we live, interact, and express ourselves through movement. Performance opportunities are also available.

DSOSN would like to thank Opportunity Village for providing our members ages 6 – 17 with these fun and valuable dance classes this summer. This is being made possible through a grant from OV’s Very Important Art Children’s Program.