Physician's Guide

Delivering a Diagnosis

Expert advice in assisting physicians facing the challenge of informing parents that a child has or may have Down Syndrome.

While there is no “cure” for Down syndrome, experts in pediatric medicine consider it a treatable condition. Indeed, the single most dramatic change impacted by our community has been the astounding improvement of the health of people with Down syndrome. Through the caring innovation of medical professionals, the typical lifespan of an individual with Down syndrome now approaches the average for all people. Equally important, advancements in cardiology, nutrition, the behavioral sciences and so much more have opened a high quality of life for most if not all people with Down syndrome.

You will find the basics of proper health care for people with Down syndrome by clicking on the titles bellow. If you have additional questions or concerns, we encourage to search this site for additional articles and information or to contact the NDSC Center.

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