Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada Honored to Be Grant Recipient of the

MGM Resorts Foundation

The Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada (DSOSN) is honored and pleased to announce that we have been selected as a grant recipient of $10,000 from the MGM Resorts Foundation for 2017 for the DSOSN Speech Therapy.  We are truly appreciative of this grant and opportunity that will assist us in providing Speech Therapy to children with Down syndrome in Southern Nevada to help in the development of their speech, language and communication skills.

The DSOSN is funded primarily through the generosity of our supporters, which include members of the medical community, the business community, corporations, foundation grants, individual supporters, and the families of the special, vulnerable people we love so much. We do not receive any state or federal funding.

Again, we are extremely honored to be a MGM Resorts Foundation grant recipient for 2017 for the DSOSN Speech Therapy Program.  These funds will allow children in need to receive speech therapy services in Southern Nevada whose families have no insurance or whose insurance does not cover speech therapy.

In the spring of 2005, the DSOSN developed and implemented its Speech Therapy Program and began offering speech therapy to its members who are children and young adults affected by Down syndrome. Members who have utilized the program are very appreciative of us being able to offer this much needed service.  Speech therapy funds are specifically used to help enhance the speech and language skills of Down syndrome individuals and have been a blessing to these families.

According to information provided by the National Down Syndrome Society, of which DSOSN is an affiliate, “Speech and language present many challenges for children with Down syndrome. Although most children with Down syndrome learn to speak and will use speech as their primary means of communication, many infants and toddlers may need assistance as they learn to use speech and language.  Total communication, using sign language, pictures, and/or electronic synthesized speech, can serve as a transitional communication system. Children with Down syndrome have strengths and challenges in speech and language development, including receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking and composing sentences) language skills and reading.  Speech-language pathologists have information and expertise to help address the speech and language problems faced by many children with Down syndrome.

“We all have dreams.  Individuals with Down syndrome have the same dreams – they just need a little help.  The support of the MGM Resorts Foundation and others will help give us what we need to make sure these individuals are accepted, respected and can make their dreams come true”.

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