New Parents

If you have arrived here, there is a good chance you have received news you did not expect. As an expectant or new parent you have been told your child has Down syndrome.

If your child has arrived, please accept the sincere congratulations of our entire community!

Whether you are celebrating the birth of your child or anticipating its arrival, here you will find the basic information you need — to manage your pregnancy, plan for the delivery and to get started on the rewarding processes of having a child with Down syndrome in your life.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this diagnosis is not as life changing as the fact that you have a new baby. And in most ways, your baby will be just like other infants. Every baby needs to be fed, held and most of all, loved.

There will be challenges in raising your child, but there will also be many, many joys. It’s normal to be nervous about what lies ahead, but remember that Down syndrome is a condition your baby has, it is not who your baby is. Now is the time to begin learning all you can about Down syndrome and this website is a great place to start.


Want to start now?

If you would like to speak with a parent from DSOSN’s New Member Committee, please call our office at 702.648.1990. You will be connected with a parent in your area who can offer support, information and friendship to you as you begin your life with your new baby.

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